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Heritage Retreats

men's program and women's program

For over twenty years, young adults have come to Heritage Retreats and experienced the vitality of Judaism. Through inspiring lectures, provocative discussion groups, and personal tutorials, our faculty is able to address the issues that are important to you.
Whether you're a beginner or more advanced, you'll be an active participant in the Torah's ongoing dialogue about life's most essential questions.
The relaxed, informal setting offers a healthy dose of outdoor adventure. Hike Local trails or take a leisurely boat ride on one of the nearby lakes. Mountain bike, swim, play basketball, or take a nature walk on one of the local trails.

Upcoming program dates:
Women's Retreat - TBA

Men's Retreat - TBA

Price: $199 for students, $299 for non students. Scholarships for the program and financial assistance with airfare are available on a case by case basis.


jInternship - New York City

jInternship NY brings you to the Hub of Finance, Business and Fashion for a summer of fun, excitement and networking while helping you to land a top internship in your field.
The program is more than just an internship matching service featuring top companies. You'll spend your summer living with other Jewish students from around the country, tap into spirituality, Jewish inspiration and Shabbat celebrations as a part of a tight-knit community.
The program is designed for students that are looking to develop a foundation in Jewish text and thought, as well as to become more engaged as campus activists and leaders. It will include meeting with top business people, community leaders and internationally renowned speakers. The program will also feature inspiring Shabbatonim, Torah study, community workshops and exciting tours and trips.
The program's grand finale is a ten day retreat to the beautiful and inspiring Sinai Retreats in Warrensburg, NY.
The Lakewood Fellowships Intern Program is an affiliate program of jInternship and manages both the Jewish educational component and the internship placements.
The Lakewood Fellowship Intern Program is a six week program that provides young men (university students and recent college grads) career opportunities at top level firms in the world's financial capital in combination with presentations by world class Torah scholars and leaders. To round out this phenomenal program, recreational and relaxing social activities are planned throughout the internship.
This experience will greatly upgrade your career profile by affording you the opportunity to network with influential businessmen and industry leaders, develop your professional skills in prominent firms, and widen your contact base as well as meet other aspiring young professionals for an all around fantastic experience!


Lakewood Fellowship

Men, ages 19-30

The Lakewood Fellowship is a seven to ten day excursion of serious Torah study and some serious fun. Bright young collegiates who have had a whiff of Torah study are immersed in a genuine daily Bais Medrash experience in the famed Lakewood Yeshiva -Beth Medrash Govoha and offered stimulating lectures, classes, and discussion groups led by major Torah personalities. Participants experience, Lakewood community living, along with a most inspirational Shabbos, and afternoons offer top flight recreational activities. The Level 2 track, for students who have spent some time in a Yeshiva type program, offers extra time for customized Torah study.

Upcoming program: TBA

Price: Free for qualifying applicants