Sukkot 2017 at Aish

Torah Tidbit Oct 2017: Joy!

   In our world today, how can we best bring joy into our lives? What can we do to live in that state which will enrich not just our lives, but also for all of those around us? The Mishnah in the Chapters of our Fathers answers our question for us: “Who is the rich man? The one who is happy with his lot.”
Sukkot is called “zman simchateinu” – the time of our joy. When we go out to the sukkah we can look around and realize that it isn’t the gathering of physical possessions that make us happy. We have everything that we need. Through Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur we make amends for those mistakes we had made throughout the previous year. We heal the relationships that we had hurt. Now we can see that it’s the connections that we have with our friends, families, and Hashem that brings us true joy.

October 2017 Schedule

Please note that due to Yom Tov the monthly Friday night service will be held on Friday Oct 20th.


Oct 4th Wednesday
Make Your Own Sushi in the Sukkah 8 PM
(includes a full dinner)

Oct. 5th Thursday
Babka and Board Games in the Sukkah 2-6 PM
Shake the Lulav Anytime
Dinner at 8:15 PM

Oct. 6th Friday
Lunch in the Sukkah 1 PM  Shake the Lulav 11-3 PM
Shabbat Dinner 8 PM

Oct 7th Saturday 
Lunch at 1 PM
Smores and Musical Havdallah in the Sukkah 8 PM

Oct 9th Monday
Women’s  Wisdom presents
Singing in the Sukkah (for women only) 8 PM

Shmini Atzeres/SImchas Torah 
We will be in Cincinnati including
Oct 13th No Shabbat Dinner at Aish

Oct. 20th Friday
Services 7:20 PM
Shabbat Dinner 8 PM

Oct 27th-29th
Shabbaton to Cincinnati! 
with the Shabbat Project
RSVP now to reserve a spot. Leave Friday afternoon, options to return Sat night/Sun morning options


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