Aish Update Feb 2018

Announcing open applications for our amazing have your mind blown Israel trip this summer May 15th-20th.

You can apply HERE

Did Birthright? That’s great, because this trip is tailor made for POST Birthright experience. Have an amazing time exploring amazing areas of Israel like Sederot, and Chevron, and doing the same fun experiences on Birthright, like chillout at the Dead Sea. All while learning some deep Jewish wisdom in the process because this is a 15 day trip. All for only $499!

Applicants are being accepted on a rolling admissions basis only, when we fill all the spots we will have to close this trip! You will be joining participants from Pittsburgh, CMU, Georgia Tech, and Emory University, all on one bus.

Cincinnati Shabbaton

Announcing our Cincinnati Fall 2017 Leadership Weekend Oct. 27th-29th!

We will be driving there Friday afternoon, and returning on Sunday night, with the option for coming back Saturday night. RSVP here

Sukkot 2017 at Aish

Torah Tidbit Oct 2017: Joy!

   In our world today, how can we best bring joy into our lives? What can we do to live in that state which will enrich not just our lives, but also for all of those around us? The Mishnah in the Chapters of our Fathers answers our question for us: “Who is the rich man? The one who is happy with his lot.”
Sukkot is called “zman simchateinu” – the time of our joy. When we go out to the sukkah we can look around and realize that it isn’t the gathering of physical possessions that make us happy. We have everything that we need. Through Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur we make amends for those mistakes we had made throughout the previous year. We heal the relationships that we had hurt. Now we can see that it’s the connections that we have with our friends, families, and Hashem that brings us true joy.

October 2017 Schedule

Please note that due to Yom Tov the monthly Friday night service will be held on Friday Oct 20th.


Oct 4th Wednesday
Make Your Own Sushi in the Sukkah 8 PM
(includes a full dinner)

Oct. 5th Thursday
Babka and Board Games in the Sukkah 2-6 PM
Shake the Lulav Anytime
Dinner at 8:15 PM

Oct. 6th Friday
Lunch in the Sukkah 1 PM  Shake the Lulav 11-3 PM
Shabbat Dinner 8 PM

Oct 7th Saturday 
Lunch at 1 PM
Smores and Musical Havdallah in the Sukkah 8 PM

Oct 9th Monday
Women’s  Wisdom presents
Singing in the Sukkah (for women only) 8 PM

Shmini Atzeres/SImchas Torah 
We will be in Cincinnati including
Oct 13th No Shabbat Dinner at Aish

Oct. 20th Friday
Services 7:20 PM
Shabbat Dinner 8 PM

Oct 27th-29th
Shabbaton to Cincinnati! 
with the Shabbat Project
RSVP now to reserve a spot. Leave Friday afternoon, options to return Sat night/Sun morning options


Rosh Hashanah 2017 @ Aish

Start the new year off inspired with Aish! Awesome people and delicious food. High Holiday 2017 schedule below: RSVPs are requested for all Rosh Hashanah meals, see link !

Sukkah building THIS Sunday, Sept 10th stop by to practice your drill skills!

Rosh Hashanah 2017:

Wed Sept 20th
   Night services 7:30 PM     Dinner @ 8 PM

Thurs Sept 21st
   Services 10 AM    Torah Reading 10:30 AM
Break/Kiddush 11:15 AM
   Shofar 11:30 AM – Aish; 3:30 PM – Dunn Meadow
   Lunch 1 PM 
  Dinner @ 8:30 PM

Fri Sept 22nd
Shabbat Dinner @ 8 PM

Yom Kippur-begins Fri. night Sept 29th
Aish will be in Indianapolis for Yom Kippur, see everyone for Sukkot!
Sept 30th-Fast ends at 8:09 PM

Aish will be hosting all Friday night dinners this month @ 8 PM with the exception of the last Shabbat-Yom Kippur.

Save the Date First Event Fall 2017

Save the Date, August 23rd, 2017

Ice cream Social/Meet the newest member of the Aish fam! Full schedule to be posted in a few weeks!

Before School Events

Kickoff ShabbGot Shabbat- (1)at! August 19th, 2016 

Shabbat Dinner at 8 PM, Dessert bar at 9:30 PM. 

We are super excited to host a traditional Shabbat gourmet dinner Friday night August 19th starting at 8 PM! Jews of all backgrounds are welcome! Come for the food and chocolate chip challah, stay for your friends! Dinner is from 8-9:20, there will be a dessert bar after where all students are welcome to come stop by for some chocolate mousse and cookies! 

Save the date! Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundae, August 21st, 2016.  3-5 PM.

threesundaeStop by the Aish house, Sundae making will be either in the front yard or inside depending on weather, for a delicious ice cream sundae or root-beer/coke float. A chance to reconnect with your old Aish friends, meet new ones, and win a cool raffle.  (For extra chances be sure to stop by Rabbi’s table at the corner of Ballantine Wed and Thurs 11-2 PM).


Purim Party!!

Join us this Thursday for our Hawaiian Purim party! We start at 5:30 PM with BBQ burgers, hotdogs, good people and fun games.Hamentashen and Grogger

Loudest Hawaiian shirt contest at 7, and you can stop in any time for our BBQ and/or hamentashen (triangle stuffed cookies) for dessert.

Megillah readings will be Wednesday night at 9 PM and Thursday morning at 10 AM. Come make some noise!

Events in October and November 2015

October and November 2015

 Friday, Oct. 30thth 8 PM Harry Potter theme Shabbat Dinner. Services at 7:20 PM. Rabbi Appel visits from Aish Cleveland, come and support the new Aish board!

Wednesday, Nov. 4th 8 PM Special Guest Speaker! Entrepeneur and former comedy TV producer  Steve Belkin. Q & A to follow.

Gourmet Cooking workshop  Date to Be Announced Soon.

Friday, Nov. 6th 8 PM Parents Weekend Shabbat Dinner.

Saturday, November 7th 8 PM S’mores and Havdallah

Thursday, November 12th 8-9 PM Rosh Chodesh “make your own pizza” party.

Friday, November 13th, 8 PM Shabbat “Thanksgiving theme” dinner.


Sukkot Shenanigans!

Sukkot Shenanigans! Sept-Oct 2015


Sunday, Sept 27th: Sushi making in the Sukkah (with Ribs) 8 PM

Monday, Sept 28th: BBQ Buffet in the Sukkah 12-3 PM, Dinner at 8 PM

Tuesday, Sept 29th: Shmooze and Shmear in the Sukkah 12-3 PM

Wednesday, Sept 30th: Treats w/ the Rabbi in the Sukkah outside Ballantine! 11:30-3 PM

Thursday, Oct. 1st: Don’t you have any homework?

Friday, Oct. 2nd: Gourmet Shabbat dinner at 8 PM, in the Sukkah!

Saturday night, Oct. 3rd: Havdallah and S’mores in the Sukkah at 8:30 PM

Sunday night, Oct 4th: Dinner AGAIN in the Sukkah

What’s the Deal with Sukkot Anyways?

Sunday night Sept 27th, 2015 begins the holiday of Sukkot. It is a holiday where we leave our homes and go dwell in a hut for a week, and every day we shake a bundle of sticks and a fruit together.

Wow, that sounds really weird when you put it that way. 2 questions, mainly because it is 3 hours Erev Shabbat:

1. What’s with the hut?

2. What’s the meaning  of the bundle of sticks and fruit, and WHAT are they?.

First Question. Sukkot happens less than a week after Yom Kippurim. On YK we experience a time of intense closeness with the Creator of the World. Right afterwards,  we leave our comfort zone, especially for those who hate camping and outside eating activities, and go dwell in a temporary, somewhat uncomfortable, place. We are reminding ourselves that it’s not our physical doors and walls that protect us, but a Higher Power.

2nd Question. I promised it would be fast right? What’s with the sticks and (REALLY EXPENSIVE) fruit? First, what are they?

The 3 types of branches put together are the :

1. Lulav:closed frond from the date palm tree

2. Hadas (myrtle)

3. Aravah (Willow).

The fruit is called an Estrog, or a “citron” in English, one of those words that if you didn’t know the Hebrew, you’re certainly not going to know what the English word is talking about.

The 3 branches are bound together, and when taken with the Etrog are referred to as “the Lulav”. Now the question is WHY?

The 4 Species symbolize many different things. We’re keeping it short right? So one of the many things they symbolize are the Jewish people.

Each of the parts of a lulav represents a different type of Jew. But a lulav is only considered kosher and valid when all of the parts are held together. Jews have been shaken up and down, and all around as a nation. To be a whole nation, every Jew matters. No matter where you are in your Jewish journey, realize that you matter to the nation, and to us, and YOU are important.

If you’re going to be in Bloomington, Indiana this Sukkot, check out our What’s New page for a list of Events.