About Us


Aish Bloomington is the newest Jewish resource on campus offering a home away from home. We aim to inspire Jewish students to experience Judaism in fun meaningful ways, develop a stronger sense of who they are, and connect to the deep wisdom of their heritage.

Located right across from the Forest dorms we provide weekly Shabbat meals, study space during the week, exciting weekly discussions on relevant Jewish topics, and Israel trips!

Rabbi Yaakov and Chana Hoffman are straight from having spent their last 6 years in Jerusalem, Israel and are excited to be on their 2nd college campus and their first as a campus team.

Rabbi Yaakov grew up in San Francisco, California and graduated with a Bachelor of Music, emphasis in French Horn performance from UC Santa Barbara. After graduating he decided to check out this Jewish stuff in a deeper way and spent 6 years at Aish HaTorah in the Old City of Jerusalem studying Jewish philosophy with some Jewish legal stuff thrown in along the way and received his ordination in 2014. He is a dynamic teacher who loves sitting down with students one-on-one and asking the hard questions of life.

Chana Hoffman grew up in the suburbs of San Francisco, about an hour south. After receiving her degree in Environmental Science at UC Santa Barbara she also went on a spiritual search and attended seminary at Neve Yerushalayim in Har Nof Jerusalem. In her copious amounts of spare time she is an  Advance certified reflexologist. And for the story of how Rabbi Yaakov and Chana met…that has to be told in person!