Got Shabbat?

Experience Shabbat dinner at the Aish House Friday nights at 7:30 PM. Enjoy a home-cooked delicious meal in a warm atmosphere. Come for the food, stay for the friends. Other plans? Stop by for homemade dessert! (Usually chocolatey) served around 9 pm, or lunch at 1 PM!

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Want to go to Israel? Maybe Poland?

Aish offers a huge range of subsidized trips to Israel, Poland and more! From our free Taglit-Birthright winter and summer trips, Akiva, to our Jewish Internships, and many more. If you want to go back to Israel we would love to make that happen. Contact either Rabbi Yaakov or Chana for help to figure out the best trip for you!

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Is your birthday this week? Feeling sick?

We want to make sure that you are taken care of. Contact us so we can make you a cake at our next shabbat, or deliver soup to your door.

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Aish Bloomington is a non-profit 501c organization which relies on donations to fund our free Shabbat meals, programing and subsidize our trips.

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Low-key, family-like Jewish atmosphere

"Aish at IU is an incredible place with a social, family-like Jewish atmosphere where students can feel comfortable learning about Judaism regardless of their level of observance. The Rabbi & his wife are fantastic, as are the regulars. I've had the opportunity to make friends, learn about life, eat a lot of gourmet meals & go to Israel with Aish Bloomington"

1-on-1 hangout

Rabbi Yaakov and Chana want to take YOU out for coffee! Join either of us at the student union for a coffee on campus and schmooze about anything from Judaism to personal growth. Any subject is on the table and all questions are welcome. Or stop by the house for some homemade treats and to chat.

Thursday afternoon baking/cooking

Stop by Thursdays from 4-9 PM to help cook those amazing Shabbat meals! No previous cooking experience required.

Challah Baking

Learn how to make Chana’s amazing homemade challah, what challah actually is (not the stuff we eat!) and different braiding techniques. Take home your own delicious and personalized challah.

Gourmet cooking workshops

Hard to believe but Chana grew up throwing frozen ravioli into a pot of water! Personal or small group Jewish cooking sessions with Chana upon arrangement.